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NEWPAGE believes that youth are the most productive portion of the entire population and should have a supportive environment to grow properly into a matured and useful citizen who have opportunities to harness their potential and use their energies in productive ventures beneficial to themselves, their peers, their families, their communities and nations as a whole.

In addition, young generation increases and beset with numerous challenges and problems. There was the need to develop innovative approaches and substantive programmes, which will encourage youth participation to sustain their proper growth and development.


Newpage empowering the youth to face the challenges being post to their healthy growth, economic development and social well- being.
Newpage seeks for partners for these activities.


1.To encourage new partnerships in HIV/AIDS between the affected and the infected in the communties.

2. To encourage cost-effective, innovative, inter-sectoral knowledge-based approaches to HIV/AIDS, particularly as they address the socio-economic determinants of health among vulnerable populations.

3. To encourage the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in addressing HIV/AIDS issues.


Newpage Partners International has inspired a lot of creativity and initiative among youth through Education, Training, Advocacy, Campaigns, Counnnselling, Outreach, Mobilization, Evangelism, Field activities referrals and networking.


Newpage Partners International, propose to continue to promote more programmes for the development of the youth including Vocational Skill training, Agricultural promotion, adolescent reproductive health issues including HIV/AIDS pandemic, job creation activities, non formal education, environment protection, micro credit scheme and establishing Computer Training Center to enhance the feet of globalization.
Newpage seeks for partners for these activities.

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